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How to get URL image

Monday, 18 December 2017

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
This tuto was requested by someone at

There are many ways to get URL image. Keep reading to know how and where to get your URL image.

1.  B L O G  P O S T
  • Click New Post.
  • Insert your images.
  • Set your images to Original Size.
  • Click HTML.
You will see something like this :-

Click this image to zoom in

  • Copy all the highlighted text. It is your URL image.
  • Done!

2.  P O S T I M A G E . O R G

  • Click Choose images.
  • Insert your image.
  • Copy direct link.

  • And, done!
If you want to request a tuto, do tell me at
Good night ✌

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Thanks for sharing!!! ^^
Blogger Qamilla Aisya said...
Blogger Hershis Sis said...
Sayalah yang request..Terima kasih :)
Blogger Fatin Shahrizam said...
Nice tuto. Thankyou :)
Blogger Nurul Syafiqa said...
Pretty blog. Love it!
Blogger Qamilla Aisya said...
Blogger Qamilla Aisya said...
@Nurul Syafiqa Thank you :)
Blogger Atie Zieya said...
thanks for doing this !
Blogger Qamilla Aisya said...
@Atie Zieya Welcome :D
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